Sync Version Conflict Resolution

When the Offline and Live versions don’t agree

This is shown in the example below:



digital camera to ipad

Adding the “on-the-road” images

The whole idea is to enjoy your away from home/office experience and capture the sights via your digital camera. Towards the end of the day, then transfer those images onto your iPad so you can use them with your daily blog.

This shows the iPad with the $29 adapter so that you can plug in a USB connector.

The images then go into a Photos “album” on the iPad for use by the BlogPad Pro app.

BlogPad Pro

BlogPad Pro is an iPad App for offline Blogging on WordPress

This is important for people who may normally post in an ethernet connected business/home network, but also want to be able to work “offline” on a mobile device such as an iPad, then “post” to “live” when wi-fi is available.

Startup Screen on iPad

BlogPad Pro Startup on iPad

B is for Blogs : Manage Blogs

Manage Blogs lists your blogs or WordPress sites since your last “sync” between your iPad software and your typical home desktop software. In this example, I have 9 blogs, all for different purposes, this screen shows you all of them and allows you to select one of them.

Manage Blogs : start screen
Manage Blogs : start screen

Select Blog > Blog Options

Of course, I select the WordPress 101 blog, which then brings up the “Blog Options” side-menu.


  •  Select Blog  :  Lets you select another blog after a previous one
  • Edit Blog Settings
  • Update Settings from Live
  • Delete Blog
  • Sync Blog to Live
  • Update Blog from Live
  • Go to Web Dashboard
  • View Site

Offline iPad blogging to online sync

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